Our Story

The Creation...

The Dog and Bone Company is a independent, studio based business.
Built from a passion of designing, creating and a love for dogs, these came together to produce a simple, expressive and stylish brand. 

All Good Things..

Handcrafted, bespoke creations take time and love to evolve. Every piece is selected, cut, and treated. It is then crafted on a industrial, straight stitch machine with time and attention. At every stage the quality and design is checked.

Our Values..

All of our products have parts sourced from small independent businesses where possible and every item is individually made to reduce our carbon footprint as best as we can.
You can be assured that we are a 100% handcrafted company. You will not see any of our collections being produced overseas with our name attached, that is not who we are as a business.
It is important to me that The dog and Bone Company retains the personal, bespoke brand that it is today and always will be.

Lucy - Creator & Owner