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Size Guide

How to correctly measure your dog   

Before You Order

Make sure that the collar you are thinking of purchasing is suitable for your dogs bread. Research what is recommended and best suited first before purchasing your new collar. 
It’s best to measure you dog before placing an ordering so you have all your measurements ready to hand. The best time to take measurements is when they are standing and in a relaxed stance. 


Standard Buckle Collars 


Using a soft seamstresses measuring tape, loosely measure around the neck where the collar would normally sit. Place two fingers between the dog's neck and measuring to find the best fit. Now take your measurement to closest inch or cm.

Approximate Size Guide For Buckle Collars

  • Extra Small - Approx 9-11”  
  • Small - Approx 11-13”  
  • medium - Approx 13-16”  
  • Large - Approx 16-22” 

How to Measure for a Martingale Collar


To determine which size is best for your dog, refer to the dog silhouette above and measure your dog at both points A and B.
Point A should measure around the largest part of your dog's head, usually the point just behind their ears. Then take a second measurement, Point B, around their neck at the point where you would like the collar to rest. Make sure the collar size you choose can open wide enough to slip on over the largest part of your hound's head yet rest comfortably in where you want the collar to sit.

We recommend moving the next size up if your measurements are towards the maximum adjustment size. 

Approximate Martingale Size guide  

  • XX Small    9” - 12”
  • X Small    12” - 16”
  • Small       13” - 18”
  • Medium   15” - 21”
  • Large.      18” - 24”

We offer two width sizes in our Pick’n’Mix Martingales collars 25mm and 40mm 

40mm are recommended for the following breads:

Greyhounds, Whippets, Salukis, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and other slim-headed breeds.

25mm are for breads with a short neck.